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At zzNetworking, we focus on your technology,
so you can focus on your business! 

Use the incredible power of the Internet to present your services to the world 
Let your Web site, software, and database do all the work 

     ZZ Networking:
       consists of some of the brightest Computer Scientists and Computer Software Engineers
       under the supervision of Professor Hassan Zamanzadeh
       a former UCLA Computer Science Professor. 
      Our incomparable and unique services include:
         - Web site;
               Design, implementation and total maintenance of your website from beginning to end.

         - Online Software:
               Designing secure online Software unique to your needs.

         - Offline Software:
               Unique Local Area Networking.

- Online Database:
Secured total access to all the information by you, at anytime, anyplace. 


Give us a call
and let us put you on the map
310 - 210 - 0237


We, at ZZ Networking are dedicated to offer you an unmatchable service, total maintenance, and total network security   


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